What kind of license does 60 Sounds offer?
A perpetual, royalty-free license. You can use all 60 Sounds libraries for the purpose of music or sound composition and production. You have a royalty-free license for every sample and preset purchased from 60 Sounds as long as you comply with our Terms of Use.

Can I use the 60 Sounds libraries in a commercial song which can be purchased?
You most certainly can.

What are the limitations of your royalty-free license system?
You can use the 60 Sounds libraries for free or commercial use, but you are not allowed to resell them in any way or format. This includes: including the libraries or parts of the libraries into new products or services which are then made available for sale, lease, broadcasting, streaming, downloading or other commercial use. You may not distribute these products, either in native format or reformatted for use as samples, presets, multi-samples, programs or patches in a sampler, sample playback unit, website or computer.

Do I need to include a credit  60 Sounds when releasing or registering a track?
You do not need to credit 60 Sounds or the producer of the library. However, we do appreciate you spreading the word in any way possible.

Do I obtain the copyright of the 60 Sounds libraries upon purchase?
No. The copyright remains with 60 Sounds or the original producer of the library, depending on our agreement with this producer.


When and where can I download my files?
After you have completed your purchase you will receive a link to download your libraries. An account will automatically be set up for yoo. On your account page you will find an overview of the purchased libraries. Additionally you will receive an e-mail after each purchase with a download link.

It takes a long time to download my files, what’s wrong?
60 Sounds hosts all its content on the Amazon Simple Storage Service. This guarantees a 99.9% uptime. On the off-chance that you experience troubles downloading your files we recommend trying again after thirty minutes. In addition we recommend downloading maximum two files simultaneously.

How many times can I download my libraries?
Every 60 Sounds library comes with 5 allowed downloads. We strongly recommend making a backup copy of your library as soon as you have downloaded it from the server.
This download limit is active to prevent illegal file sharing use. Should you require more downloads then please get in touch and we will work it out.

How much time do I have to download the library after I purchased it?
You have 72 hours to access your purchased library.

Payment and related issues

How can I purchase 60 Sound libraries?
The 60 Sounds libraries are exclusively available via the 60 Sounds website. We offer payment via credit card and Paypal and offer immediate downloading upon the succesful processing of your order.

My credit card was charged for a purchase I did not recognize?
60 Sounds does not keep any credit card information. We do not process  transactions. This is handled through Stripe and Paypal. If you see any suspicious activity on your credit card or Paypal statement then we encourage you to directly contact your payment provider.

Can you provide me with a refund?
As we are selling digital products which, in theory, can be infinitely reproduced beyond our control we do not provide a refund policy. We encourage you to listen carefully to the preview tracks before you decide to purchase a library. Inform yourself before deciding to make a purchase. Make sure that you don’t make any duplicate purchases, i.e. that you do not buy libraries which you already own.

However, we do provide a refund in the following cases:

  • your credit card or Paypal account was illegally charged, and neither your bank or Paypal want to provide you with a refund. In this case we require proof of communication with your bank or Paypal
  • you have not tried to download the purchased library and contact us within 30 days of your purchase. Please not that we can not refund you if you have already attempted to access and/or download the purchased library from our website. We can verify whether you have accessed a library, but not if the download was fully executed. Therefore any attempt made at downloading the library counts as a completed download.

Other issues

How can I contact 60 Sounds?
Please use our contact form for all enquiries.

Does 60 Sounds provide custom sound and preset design services?
Yes, we do. Please get in touch so we can start a conversation.

I need a job. Are you hiring?
We have no open positions.

I am the greatest sound designer on the planet, can I contribute to your library collection?
60 Sounds is a curated service. We do not accept or listen to unsollicited demo’s or downloads. However, if you are an established (electronic) music producer and feel that you have something unique to contribute we would like to hear from you.